Friday, April 26, 2013

Ufo's and Aliens.

  I have always loved off beat stuff. I am a Stephen King reader and loved Dark Shadows and the Christopher Lee Dracula and Vincent Price Edgar Allen Poe movies as a kid. I would search my Weekly Reader back in the sixties at Walnut Park Elementary in Gadsden, Alabama for Ghost stories. The occasional football, baseball or basketball book but, mainly goblins and things that go bump in the night. I grew up loving to read horror novels and I remember when I was working at the Gadsden Public Library. The head librarian of the Children's Section ( I worked with the computers and they were in the children's section) Anyway, Ms. Margaret Mquire (one of the smartest and finest folks I've had the pleasure of working with) would always joke with me and ask me what "one" word horror novel I was reading this time. Many of the old 1980's horror novels were "One or two word" titles. :-) Ya know, like "The Haunting" The Stand, Ghost, Mystery and so on. Anyway, I loved stuff like that and even though I don't read as much horror these days (unless, I'm reading the news) I still find it an interesting genre. I also loved to read "true" accounts of the "paranormal." So, ufo stories caught my attention fairly early. One reason I first started this blog was to explore my interest in all things wierd and off beat and especially ufo and paranormal stuff. But, I kind of got caught up in religion and politics and other more immediate concerns of life and so most of my blogs have been a little on the serious side. Matter of fact I felt my last blog on religion was a little over the top and heavy handed so I wanted to step back and breathe and have a little fun.
 Now, full disclosure here. While I love the pop culture and the Grey aliens and the movies and shows and books that talk about them. I am absolutely NOT a believer in space aliens or ufo's or the space brothers. Now, I have seen a ufo or two in my time but it was truly ufo Unidentified flying object with the emphasis on the Unidentified part. I don't think it was a craft from Venus as cool as that would be. :-)  I am also not a believer that the space aliens are actually demons from the pit of hell come to deceive the elect or that Jesus will come back riding a space ship. Silly? Not if you've followed this stuff on the internet like I have. You would be amazed at some of the theories and arguments that people get into.
But, I don't discount that something might be happening. I also don't discount that some people have had encounters that are not simply products of their imagination. But, ufo's are something that I don't completely throw away. But, I'd have to see it to believe it. Then even if I see it I will have to be closer than just seeing a light in the sky. It's kind of like seeing anything out of the ordinary. You might see it and I might know and trust you. But, until I see it myself it won't be real to me. I can identify with Thomas. It's nice to be able to believe something. But, being able to touch and feel and "grasp" something for oneself is still the best and most convincing evidence there is.

Now, to my own UFO sighting. A couple of years ago I was in my back yard one early evening in Northport, Alabama. I noticed what I thought was a plane moving somewhere in the Northwest sky. I think that's right, I'm not much of a compass person. :-) Anyway, the craft was moving and I didn't see the red lights of a plane or hear the "chop" of a copter. Still it was a little way off and I thought maybe that was just due to wind and distance. But, then it just stopped! Now, I could think it was a satalite or a planet or something like that if I hadn't seen it moving from one spot to another. But, It just stopped in the sky. I looked at it and called inside to my wife to come out and see this. She said "I'm watching something right now." " Tell me if it's still there in a few minutes" or something like that. I kept watching and I still tell myself the following happened because I shook my head or something caused me to move my head. I tell myself this because I can't believe what I saw next. It looked as if it actually "zig zagged" in the sky. Left to right, up and down. Then it moved again and I think it just moved on off to where ever it was going. Anyway, I"m sure there is a rational explanation for this. I didn't call the news and I don't intend to write a book about the space bro's. :-()  But, it was an interesting experience and I still look toward that patch of sky when I'm out at night.
 So, I do enjoy talking and reading and even going on message boards and reading what others have to say about the subject. I do know one thing the "de-bunkers" have wrong. Some of us who have seen a ufo don't automatically start blabbing to the press about a false sighting of Venus. We actually or at least I actually try and find the most rational and mundane explanation.

 After all I like my things that go bump in the night to fit securely inside a Stephen King novel or a movie and not at the foot of my bed. :-)


Monday, April 15, 2013

The Devil went to Heaven!

 I created this blog to express my own thoughts and feelings. I understand that my thoughts are not all that urgent to others. It's like on facebook when somebody says "Wow, I ate chicken last night!" Really? OK! But, if it does find somebody who reads it and finds any part of it wise or silly or helpful in any way then that is great. If not, then I still have a place to ramble. So, here goes.

Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles. And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us,fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith. For the joy set before him he endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. - Hebrews 12:1-2

 The great thing about the verse above (to me) is not the "sin" aspect. It's the thought that the very foundation and maker of being would love me enough to clothe him/her/itself with flesh and participate in the life, death and desperation of the human experience. That is love. Not a superman who saves us from ourself. But, a mother, father, brother, sister that takes the journey with us.

  I have said in other places that I call myself a Christian Agnostic these days. By that I mean the faith I was raised in still has relevance to my journey and I have not jettisoned every aspect of faith. I have always had an inner dialog with God. I have also always been comfortable with the "picture" in my mind of the Judaeo-Christian way of looking at God. By that I mean that I have always separated the aspect of God into three persons. OK, that's more of an evangelistic Christian way of looking than a Jewish way. But, still most will know what I mean. Picture a little boy raised in the south of about 11 to 13 years old in the very late sixties to very early seventies. Now, this little boy has been brought up by his grandmother who is very devout and very pentacostal. My grandmother on the other side was very devout and very Southern Baptist. So, I (uhh, the little boy) :-) was thoroughly versed on being a born again Christian. Now, this little boy is at a sermon at Cherry Street Baptist Church and the preacher is not as firey as the Pentacostal preacher but still not a wall flower either. :-) Nobody does youth church with the drama and guilt and intensity any better than the Southern Baptist do. I speak as a family member here so don't get mad and think I'm bashing somebody from the outside. I'm just sayin. :-) Anyway, this was not a youth service but it was a Sunday sermon. The preacher says "Anybody who sins against God can be forgiven. Even if you sin against Jesus. But, a sin against the Holy Ghost will NEVER be forgiven. It's unpardonable. Now, this little boy was a voracious reader and had quite an active mind. There was an intense attack mentally on this boy. Call it psychological if it makes you feel better intellectually. If you feel better with the "evil demon" way of saying it then call it spiritual warfare. Or if like me you kind of look at it holistically then call it a little bit of both.
 So, this young boy goes out into the back yard when he gets home and honestly although he doesn't hear audible voices, Thank God. (No pun intended.) He does have very real thoughts that seem to be out of or beyond his control to stop. Now, picture a new thought and a new inner dialog opening up. It would go something like this "I am the one who made and knows you." "I am not outside looking in like a fortune teller." " I am not shocked or angry at you." "Since the voices or thoughts are talking about me and asking about me, then just relax." "There is a room and a couch for you to relax on. See the door? I will answer it." Peace was there and although there were other times and years of inner turmoil the boy never, EVER forgot this moment. It brought comfort whenever the "thoughts" came back. So, I say that, to say this. I am not an atheist. I am not ready and do not intend to throw away my spiritual identity. But, I can't ever be a fundamentalist anymore either. It just doesn't work for me. The bible says it and I believe it and that settles it just has never worked for me. Now, let me relate one more experience or thought about religion here.

Imagine a Supreme Being. Now, this being is all knowing and is the actual ground of all reality. Not only is "he,she,it,they" outside the universe but he actually is the only "real" and absolute reality there is. Now, imagine a being of flesh and blood. Subject to chemicals and hormones and death, decay and disease. Imagine this creature who has no real knowledge of this Supreme Being except for his own intuition and dreams and apart from that some writings and visions from some people give who say they are prophets and seers. Now, imagine another being. This one shines like the a billion stars! Son of the Morning! This one was present at the very morning of creation of the flesh creature that is little more than a naked ape in relation to him. It would be like taking a 45 year old scientist and having him talk to a 6 year old child. It would be even greater than that. So, these are the players. Now, lets look at the following scenario:

  The Supreme Being to the Son of the Morning.  "See, those creatures down there?" I breathed life into them. They carry my spirit in them. But, on the other hand I am an Angry God! I get pissed off really easily when people disobey me." Now, on one hand I do love them but on the other I discipline them harshly when they get out of line. So, I'll tell ya what I'm gonna do." "I'm gonna send part of myself down to them. I'm gonna love them and live and even partake of what they call death."

 Well, says the Son of the Morning, you didn't even give me that and yet you offer it to them? That's fair. (rolls eyes.)
"Wait, says the Supreme Being. You haven't heard the good part yet." I'm gonna send myself in a clay vessel and I'm gonna go to a little corner of the world." Now, if they can figure it out no matter where they come from and worship me then I'm gonna bring them into my kingdom." "But, I'm gonna give you the chance to fool em. If you can fool em then I'm gonna burn em up for ever and ever in eternal fire."

"Wait a minute" says the Son of the Morning. "You mean to tell me. All I have to do with my great knowledge and power and influence. All I have to do is fool those little naked apes and you will burn them? "Oh, My God, that's rich!"  "I don't even have to reveal myself?" "You will take away all real knowledge of who they are and where they come from? "So, unless they happen to stumble into the right church or hear the right minister then I can have em? "Excuse me God but, that's a Hell of Deal!" "I'll take it"

 So, there you have it. On one hand I absolutely will never turn my back on the source of my hope and sanity. But, I will also never understand the silliness of the dogmatic religious person either. I can't even begin to think of how somebody who thinks we are nothing but a chemical by product of the brain can walk around this world with no hope of ultimate justice and the peace of knowing the universe is ultimately true, just and loving. But, everybody wakes up in their own skin everyday. Until they don't. :-) But, on the other hand I can't believe the people who think the very source of love would be so flip and random with his children that he would allow even one to be forever lost because of some religious dogma. As a wise poster used to say in a forum I visited. "My bag!"