Thursday, March 24, 2016


Some years ago I stood before my grandparents grave’s in Altoona/Walnut Grove, Al  Cemetery. I stood there and in my head these words were so clear. Happy Easter. I knew in that moment that they were home. Not in a cemetery. I could stand there and maybe in some way that we don’t yet understand there was a connection between this reflection of a greater world and the actual world of spirit.  All I know for sure is that they are safe. A part of a Great Cloud of Witnesses. In my very spirit. In the silence of my own mind and the middle of the night or the middle of a summer’s day I know. I’m thankful.

I’m not much of a bible thumping, fundamentalist these days. Matter of fact I keep most of what I believe to myself or to a few people in like minded facebook groups or the times I run my wife crazy with a rant on reality. Don’t ask. J We just don’t always agree these days on the mysteries of the universe. But, that’s okay.  So, my thoughts don't come from a place of my way or the highway. It's part of my journey. One of the few  things I think I know is that one size doesn't fit all. But, this is a part of my experience.

Some years ago a friend in Colorado who I respect made a statement while we were talking. He casually said something about us “not being Christians.” He was rather surprised when I said “But, I am a Christian.” I guess he was surprised because honestly? The Southern Baptist Church where I was baptized as a child would at the very least consider my views heretical as would my grandmother’s Church Of God. My friend just assumed given my very liberal view on culture, religion and politics that I couldn’t be a Right wing republican version of a Christian. He was and is right about that. But, I did grow up in the family and I'm not so far removed as to be alien to it.

Anyway, there are two things that have remained precious to me in my journey through life.  One is communion. No, contrary to the atheist and intelligentsia I don’t literally believe the body of Christ is in my hand or my mouth. But, on the other hand I honestly believe the body and the blood of Christ is taken into my own body symbolically, spiritually and with much hope. You don’t have to take communion or be a Christian or even be a religious person for me to respect your journey. This is more than likely the only place where those fellow travelers of my youth would still agree with me. So, I’m not trying to defend or attack religion.

The second and most important thing I’ve taken from my journey and still hold onto is Easter. I say Easter instead of resurrection because of the literal and fundamentalist mindset that entails. I don’t recite creeds. I don’t personally think bodies and molecules and sexual parts knit back together in some magical way on judgement day. But, remember my take on communion? Same thing. I believe the reality of Christ as the elder brother who stepped into this reality for a while and showed the way to honor and love this life while holding to the most important part of it. The preparation for our real home. Narnia, Heaven, Afterlife, Pure consciousness. So, anyway as I look on this season I’m not interested in the arguments for stopping the pagan holiday. I have no problems with pagans myself. J I’m not interested in convincing anybody of anything. I’m just thankful. Thankful that it’s a Happy Easter for my grandparents. Thankful that Easter comes to us all. I hold to that.

So, from this heretic. This “liberal.” This spirit in need of angels on my way home I say:

He is Risen. He is risen indeed.