Monday, May 30, 2016

Coffee With Jesus

 There's a site called Radio Free Babylon and that is where I "borrowed" the Coffee With Jesus title from. Anyway, I got up early this morning and decided to have "coffee with Jesus." So, I got my "Dark Tower Mug." which has the "Go, then there are other worlds than these" inscription. Made my coffee and headed for my pickup in the yard where I could chill and roll down the window before it gets to hot and talk out loud without the neighbors hearing me and assuming I'm getting even more screwy in my old age. :-) So, here's a little of what we talked about:

 For all of the literalist folks out there (Christians, Atheist, Agnostics and Skeptics) who do me the honor of reading my meanderings let me say this. No, I don't think I am writing a new scripture or making up my "inspired path to God." No, I don't think a physical flesh and blood person was sitting in the seat beside me (although, I did look over a time or two.) :-) Yes, I do believe I was drinking coffee and communicating with the very source of my being.

Me: "You know I was raised to believe you were literally the Son of God." That under your robe might as well have been a big "S" for Superman because you orchestrated the whole thing and could have called 'Ten thousand Angels" if you had wanted and would have been rescued from the cross.

Jesus: Uh, huh.

Me: I will say this though. When I was going through my recent patch of rough times the bible verses from my youth meant everything to me. I remembered them and held on to several and prayed them back to you. I didn't become a fundamentalist or anything but I held on to the wisdom of my lifetime. So far.

Jesus: And how did that make you feel?
Me: Just kidding. He, didn't say that. Jesus isn't a social worker. I just couldn't resist a little inside social work joke. :-)

Me: So, I'm not as sure of what I literally believe these days about reality. I find the whole "we are just brain farts and chemical reactions" of modern science jargon to be utterly depressing. On the other hand I find the "angry, sky god who want's us to walk around with a stick up our butts judging others as well as ourselves as nothing but unworthy worms to be very unlikely.

Me: I'm not even sure of what I'll see when I finish out my journey or transition to the next step of the journey. It wouldn't surprise me if you are physical manifestation of God. On the other hand it won't surprise me if you are purely spirit and not the "historical" flesh and blood just so character of my Sunday School classes.

Jesus: You recall the "The Wild God."

Me: I do. I was really young and happened to pick up a newspaper article. In those days I was either looking for the comics or the sports pages. But, I also loved to read about the strange and ghostly and I of course was a bible belt kid  from the south. So, the article called "The Wild God." caught my eye.

Jesus: Words and stories and truth and attempts to define even with the words "he, she, it, even source."

Me: Yeah, their all right and their all wrong.

Me: I don't know for sure. But, I think it's an eternal journey. Live this life and learn a little science, theology, love and hate. Peach and anxiety. Patience. Then take a little of the puzzle with you. The ever changing puzzle and continue to "Be."

Jesus: You already have the wisdom if you just knew how to listen, and see. The kingdom is within you. Not "up there" or "down here.

Me: The next part of this journey will be wonderful and sad and hard and peaceful and it will be okay.

Jesus: Enjoy the coffee and smell and see the world. But, don't get so attached that you lose the truth.

Me: All things serve the beam. :-) "Gotta be a Dark Tower reader to get that one.

Jesus: That sense of humor?  It's served you well. But, just don't forget who gave that to you. :-)

Me: Tears and laughter. Thank you God.

Me: Thank you for this. I hope to hear you better and see you in all the stages. I'm going to step on out there and try to flow with the universe. But, there are some (when are there not?) rocks and hills to navigate.

Jesus: I got ya.

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Slow Ride.

Hi there. How are ya? It’s been a long time….Joe Walsh (Eagles)


I recently was thinking about my life and how fast time has gone. I remember thinking back when I was young. I’d get older someday. But, when I would look back it would seem like I would be remembering a long, far away lifetime. Nobody ever told me it would be like remembering yesterday. I can still close my eyes and touch 16, 17, 18,19. It’s still a hot southern night and Foghat is blaring Slow Ride on my eight track or radio and the prettiest girl in the world is just right over there.


But still they lead me back to the long winding road…Beatles


I hear so much talk these days about politics and religion and so much venom spewed. No wonder I miss riding around full of teenage angst and pony millers and girls in halters and boys getting bleary eyed and ready to fight. At least when they finished they shook hands and there was no thought of coming back and ending it with a gun.  Men were men and the women were glad of it. J


Bahhahaha. I’m sorry but every once in a while the little liberal bleeding heart social worker in me has to get in touch with my inner redneck.  Don’t want to stay there but a little bit will balance me out.


My, but we learn so slow and hero’s,  they come and they go and leave us behind as if we’re supposed to know…Joe Walsh


I was recently reading a post on a site about another killing. While reading it I noticed that within just a few comments it became political. Seriously, people yelling at each other for being liberal or conservative and blaming Obama and Bush and then making crude jokes about killing. So, yeah sometimes I just want off.


Oh well, it’s been a good day in hell and tomorrow I’ll be glory bound….Eagles


Good Day in Hell. I can remember that being my anthem as a young person. Just wanted to hurry up and grow up and get out of the small town that was of course in my mind the reason for all my troubles and go down the road to that magical time when all I wanted was just going to be dumped in my lap. Sigh.

One toke over the line sweet Jesus one toke over the line…Brewer & Shipley

Don’t ask. Don’t tell. Anyway, 1976 to 1984 was a long time ago.


I can still feel the breeze that rustles through the trees and misty memories of days gone by…Bee Gees


I think it’s okay. Getting older has given me some perspective on the world. It might seem like every day is a long slow slog at times. But, really? Now, is what matters. Not waiting for the perfect time, perfect finances or perfect home.  Just breathe.  At least a little. I love meditation and I find that prayer and  getting quiet and meditating gives me a release. It’s hard these days because my attention span isn’t what it used to be.


I’m in the mood the rhythm is right move to the music we can roll all night…Foghat (Slow Ride)


Well, my roll all night is basically my ride home from work. But, I can crank it up loud and the years roll away for just a little while.  J


When you are old and grey and full of sleep, and nodding by the fire, take down this book and slowly read, and dream of the soft look your eyes had once, and of their shadows deep:…William Butler Yeats


So, just for right now I’m going to dump all the loud Trump, Clinton, Obama and Bush rhetoric. Just for right now I’m going to go for a “Slow Ride.”